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Nobody wants to buy the house of Josef Fritzl

The trial against Josef Fritzl was one of the biggest in Austrian history. Fritzls hometown Amstetten is quite glad about it that the media attention declined. But one thing is still there. The house of Josef Fritzl, and the cellar of his incredible crime. It should be sold, but it’s not possible to find a buyer.

Nobody wants to buy the house of Josef Fritzl. The building is full of nooks and crannies, the cellar is still governmental locked, and the criminal history significant. A purchase could be more expensive as just the buying price. It might be possible that the authorities demand extensive renovations.

If it’s not possible to find a buyer in the near future, the building might be demolished and the cellar buried. The former owner Josef Fritzl is imprisoned in the prison of Stein directly next to the Danube river. The administration confirmed that not even one person has visited him since his imprisonment. His crime was too monstrous.

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