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Austrian taxes and charges extremely high

It was never a secret that Austrians have to pay a lot of taxes and charges. But an EU-wide comparison showed the unbelievable size of Austrias tax and charge burden. And Austrias politicans promise to increase taxes and find new types of charges.

27 countries of the European Union were included in the comparison. Austria made it on the 23th rank with a tax and contribution ratio of 42,40 percent. The fewest charges were found with 27 percent in Latvia.

Denmark is one of the few countries which has even more higher taxes and charges. Their tax and contribution ratio is 46,9 percent. Also Sweden, Belgium, and Italy have higher taxes and charges as Austria. The average tax and contribution ratio of the European Union is 38,4 percent.

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Ein Kommentar zu “Austrian taxes and charges extremely high”

  1. Newsupermusic

    yes and for what and why do they need all those high taxes? they do present there to me nothing but ugly and completely satanic nightmare creatures from a to z, who have a not existing level as a financial experts and a not existing level as an musicians and artists and additional a not existing level in all or nearly all areas and do present then all those nightmare creatures to me so, as they would be god! they do hand over to all those nightmare creatures “all and everything” from a to z – including thousands of millions of taxes and do present then all this as the “real dreampeople level” – where i´m not able to see, that this is any dreampeople level…however – a happy day and good luck for all music fans round the globe… from newsupermusic – i´m the artist, musician and financial expert from vianna/austria/europe

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