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Polite bank robber with bad conscience in Vienna

About a very polite 20-year-old bank robber from Vienna reports the website of Austrias Broadcasting Corporation. The young man entered a bank last Friday, and said to the bank employee: “I am sorry, but I have to rob that bank now. Would you please be so kind and give me all your money?”

The 20-year-old was not armed. His biggest weapon was his kindness. And he was successful. The bank employee gave him all available bank notes and the young man was able to escape without being caught by the police.

But there was a problem. The kind young man could not live with such a crime. His bad conscience was overwhelming and so he called the police on Sunday and told what he has done. When the police came to his place to pick him up, he told again how sorry he is about his behaviour. The policemen could not remember such a polite and honest bank robber in their lifetime.

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