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Whom Austrians trust

A representative study of the magazine “Reader’s Digest” revealed the question whom Austrians trust. Politics and economy received the worst poll ratings. Also the government, the church, and the European Union had very bad ratings.

The best result had the police with a trust of 78 percent of all interviewees. Environmentalist are also quite popular im Austria: 65 percent. Then follows radio and tv with 53 percent (decrease of 13 percent), newspapers 41 percent, the church with 37 percent (decrease of 3 percent). Austrias government has only the trust of 21 percent of the Austrians. A very sad result for politics in Austria and a decrease of 15 percent since 2003.

More popular as the government is even the European Union: 29 percent, but a decrease of 14 percent. Worser than Austrias government were only advertising with 12 percent, and politics in general with 7 percent.

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