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Nun inherits brothel from her mother

Austrias biggest daily newspaper “Kronen Zeitung” reports about a quaint inheritage.

A 55-year-old nun from Scotland inherits the brothel of her 75-year-old mother located in Austrias province Styria. An extremely profitable inheritage, because the business is going very well, reports the newspaper.

The 75-year-old bordello queen was a famous circus performer in her girlhood. Besides the prosperous brothel she also leaves behind a sizable capital on her bank account. She had no husband and no other children. So the nun is the exclusive heiress.

The nun was found by a family tree search done by the Viennese historian office. At first it was not known that the decedent had a daughter. There was no last will either.

The mother of the nun led an adventurous life. First she moved as a very young girl from Austria to Hamburg. Later she joined a travelling circus and started a successful career as exceptionally gifted artist. Then she travelled around the world. During her stay in Scotland she could not resist the charm of Scottish men. The final result was a pregnancy. After the birth she delivered her daughter to the next orphan asylum and continued her trip around the world. She has never seen her daughter again.

The nun sold the brothel and donated all of the money to India, reported the newspaper.

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