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Doctor burgled flats and houses of patients who had to stay in hospital

A 38-year-old Viennese doctor was caught when he tried to burgle the flat of his patient who had to stay in hospital. He was found by th son of the patient when he was searching the house for valuable articles. This might explain the mysterious spate of burglaries. Many patients became the victim of a burglary while they had to stay in this certain hospital.

The doctor was working in the Wilhelminenspital hospital. A spokesman declared that his employment contract was already cancelled. Now the larcenous medic has to stay in imprisonment on remand.

The unbelievable story was published in Austrias daily newspaper “Heute”, and is already topic in many Austrian internet forums. One user in a forum wrote that doctors are not well paid in Austria, and demanded that there should be a fund-raising campaign called “Doctors at need.” Another user thinks that TV series about doctors from the USA like “Dr. House” distract Austrias medical practitioners.

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