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Hard times for Austrias thermal springs?

Thermal springs in Austria are overcrowded and noisy. This is usually a good sign for full tills and good turnovers. But a new study predicts a sudden end of Austrias thermal spring boom.

The main base of the conclusion: thermal springs are nothing exciting or special anymore. The market is saturated, and it’s not possible to see any increase of visitors in future. Generous guests prefer luxury spa hotels. In future the visitors of thermal springs are going to decrease rapidly.

No good news for thermal spring operators. But it seems they don’t care much about this study. Lower Austrian thermal springs had an increase of 10 percent in number of visitors last year. New thermal springs were opened in the federal states of Burgenland, Styria, Salzburg and Upper Austria. “We don’t see any decrease”, claims a manager of a thermal spring in the news of Austrias Broadcasting Corporation.

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