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Slot machines annoy Austrian communists

Austrian communists are annoyed about the slot machine market in Austria. Now they demand a ban of the banknote entry in those machines. The anger of the communists is also directed to Socialdemocrats and Peoples party. “They stand on their brakes when it comes to prohibitions”, explains a spokesman of the communists.

The Communist party of Austria also demands a highest possible stake of 50 cent, and points out that there was no meeting of the slot machine committee of Styria since two months. “It seems the protection of the slot machine lobby is more important for Socialdemocrats and Peoples party as the protection of the young persons”, thinks one communist member.

480 Euro fine for touching a policeman

A 24-year-old man from the province of Vorarlberg was sentenced to a 480 fine because he has touched a policeman. The contact happened when the police led off his girlfriend. His protective instinct was awaked, he explaind in court. But it was only a touch, no beat or attack. Nonetheless touching a policeman is not […]

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