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25 percent polling in Vienna: much or little?

Viennas political parties argue about the 25 percent polling of the Socialdemocrat organized public opinion poll. The opposition parties sneer about a very small polling and talk about a “rout for the Socialdemocrats”. But the Socialdemocrats themselfes triumph and think that a polling of 25 percent is an unbelievable success.

Viennas provincial party secretary of the Socialdemocrats said that the result is a nice success of direct democracy in Vienna. He labeled the critics of his political competitors as “negative propaganda” and increased his emotional frame of mind with following expression to Peoples party, Freedomy party and Greens: “Be ashamed!”

The Peoples party talk about a “mobilisation rout” for the Socialdemocrats. “And that although their advertising blew up all budgetary measures”, said the frontwoman of Viennas Peoples party.

The Greens were talking about “a slap in the face” for the Socialdemocrats. The Green leader of the parliamentary group Maria Vassilakou sees “a very little polling in spite of massive efforts.” “The questions of the public opinion poll were suggestive and partial”, she adds.

And also the Freedom party could not hide its malicious glee for their biggest political competitors in Vienna. Freedom parties provincial party secretary Hans-Jörg Jenewein was talking about a “faint thing” and confirmed his opinion that the Socialdemocrats chose the wrong questions for their public opinion poll. Freedom party boss Heinz Christian Strache wants the Socialdemocrats to pay for their poll themselfes.

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