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Green party struggles against mysterious betting cafe

A betting cafe in the Lower Austrian town of Amstetten enrages the flared tempers of the Green party. Already since several weeks the Greens moan and wail about its existence.

The bizarre thing about the whole case is the fact that the betting cafe is closed since last month.

The district commission of Amstetten confirms that. Also a local inspection of Austrias Broadcasting Corporation “ORF” last Wedndesday afternoon showed the same result. The coffeehouse with football betting is closed.

But members of the Green party can’t accept that. The Green councilman of Amstetten claims that the cafe is still open. “We have no official confirmation that the locality is closed”, he said. The district commission replies that the cafe had to close because the owner had no concession anyway.

Now the Greens take the next step and reports the district commission to the police. The Greens insist that the betting cafe is still open. “We suppose bribery”, said one of the Green politicans. The story about this mysterious betting cafe in Amstetten continues.

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