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28-year-old German lady from Hamburg knocked down by Austrian policemen?

A 28-year-old lady from Hamburg claims that she was knocked down by Austrian policemen in the early morning in the city centre of Vienna. The young lady tried to go by underground without buying a ticket.

She was caught and brought to the next police station. According to her allegations she was thrashed in a side room and sustained a blue eye, injuries of the retina and her inner ear. Austrias daily newspaper “Kurier” tried to get a statement of the accused police station, but received no specific answer.

The newspaper wrote there were two main reasons that the policemen might lost their containment. At first the fare evasion, and secondly the fact that the lady had no identification card with her. When she was taken from the street to the police station she was screaming for help, was written in the online issue of Austrias Broadcasting Corporation “ORF”.

Viennas police confirmed that there will be a investigation of the case. Afterwards the public prosecution department has to decide if there should be a charge against the policemen or not.

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