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Freedom party leader HC Strache demands more money for policemen

A higher salary for policemen demands the leader of the Freedom party Heinz Christian Strache. During his latest press conference yesterday, he claimed that Austria stands close before a collapse of safety.

More money for policemen should improve the situation, he thinks. “Danger bonus for policemen”, is his newest election battle cry for the next election in Vienna. The money for such a method should be taken take from associations which support immigration to Austria. Strache explained that the numbers of crimes in Austria exploded last year. There were 19.000 more crimes in 2009 as in 2008.

The area with the highest crime rate is Vienna. “Viennas mayor got the blame”, thinks Strache, and talks about 160.000 crimes against property in only one single year.

Strache said that Viennas mayor Häupl lives in a illusory world. “There is a misjudgement of the critical situation”, he confirmed. The Freedom party leader also demands 1.500 more policemen for Vienna. “If I would be the mayor, I would arrange that”, he said. The ideas of the Freedom party would cost 250 million Euro. Strache: “A high amount but a guarantee for a safer Austrian capital.”

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