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Austrian sport shops with glorious business

Austrias sport shops were not able to discover the economic crisis in their sales. Even quite the opposite. Last year Austrias sport shops made record sales as never before.

Sales increased up to 2,1 billion Euro. The manager of the market leader explains: “Austrians have a pronounced health consciousness and doing sport is part of it.”

A manager of another sport shops knowns that: “Sport is a rather cheap enjoyment. You don’t have to spend a lot of money if you visit one of our shops.”

And 2010 will be another successful year for this kind of branch. The football World Cup in South Africa is almost here, and a year of the football World Cup is always a brillant one for sport shops. There are also Winter Olympic games in Canada soon. “Our market still has capability”, says Gigsport boss Alois Loidl.

Austrias most important sports shops are: Intersport, Hervis, Sport 2000 and Gigasport.

Football has only a 10 percent share of all sales. The most important sports which are able to make the cash tills ring are winter sports in combination with winter clothes, hiking, and bicycles.

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