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Indoor football tournament in Salzburg with trouble

This years indoor football tournament in Salzburg was overshadowed with a beer cup throw. One supporter of the club called “Austria Salzburg” threw a half-full beer cup on the parquet. The reactions were emotional superheated.

Some people demand to exclude Austria Salzburg from the tournament in the future. The organizer don’t want to hear that. “We need Austria Salzburg like all the other clubs for our tournament”, explains chief organizer Fritz Pammer from the club called “UFC Salzburg”.

But a problem with such a declaration would be the situation if all the other clubs are not interested anymore to play a tournament with Austria Salzburg. “Then we have to think about it”, says Mr. Pammer.

Austria Salzburgs manager Gerhard Stöger is very sorry about occurrences, but underlines that nobody was hurt. He also declared that Austria Salzburg could quit a participation for next years tournament.

The Austria Salzburg supporter who threw the beer cup on the parquet was arrested by the police.

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