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Salzburg: Samurai warrior attacked granny

The city centre of Salzburg on this weeks Wednesday morning was the secene of a very vicious crime. A grandchild who lives with his granny suddenly turned out to be a well conditioned Samurai warrior. The geriatric host was attacked by her own grandchild with a Samurai sword.

Reason was a disagreement about going out for a short walk in the early morning. The granny was not happy about the idea to leave the apartment so early in the morning. This made the 17-year-old very angry. He took one of his Samurai swords, showed his skills in martial arts, and attacked the old woman. Later he escaped, and the granny called the police.

Alarmed policemen were able to catch the dangerous fighter with his scary weapon infront of Salzburgs main railway station before he could find some new victims. He was brought to prison, received a ban on weapons for his future, and he is not allowed anymore to enter the apartment of his grandmother.

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