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Tobacconist shot and killed robber in Vienna

The Viennese district of Leopoldstadt was the scene of an armed robbery yesterday evening. A 40-50 year old man with Romanian passport jumped into the tobacconists shop with a silver gun and demanded money.

But instead of taking the money, the tobbaconist grasped a gun as well and shot the robber from a short distance. The criminal was hit in his upper body, lurched out of the shop, and broke down. Attempts at resuscitation were unsuccessful. He died on the spot.

It was not the first raid on this certain tobacconists shop. That might be the reason of the strenuous opposition. The tobacconist has a valid firearm certificate.

The identity of the killed robber is not clear yet. His Romanian passport shows a 23-year-old man with the name “Dorel M.”, but in fact he looks much older. “Between 40 and 50 years”, confirms the police.

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Ein Kommentar zu “Tobacconist shot and killed robber in Vienna”

  1. Vic

    Thanks god,austrian justice system got common sence. If that happened in the UK, the
    tobacconist would be arrested and more likely get couple of years in jail.

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