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Lower Austrian Freedom party demands to close the border

Severe controversies in the state parliament of Lower Austria. The Freedom party demands to close the borders of Austria to decrease the crime. Greens are talking about “racism”.

The Lower Austrian Freedom party whip Gottfried Waldhäusl explains: “70.000 offences of non-Austrians are enough. There is only one relief. We need to close our borders.” “Every one who is against my plan is a accomplice of the foreign criminals”, he adds.

But all other parties of the Lower Austrian state parliament can’t agree in the statements of the Freedom party whip. The Greens are even talking about racism. Greens party whip Madeleine Petrovic said that “there is a simple word for such plan, racism.” “I am against racism”, she confirmed.

The Peoples Party sees an assault on the police in the controversial statements. Also the Socialdemocrats decline the wishes of the Freedom party. “Populist sanctions are not our cup of tea”, said the Socialdemocratic delegate Rupert Dvorak.

It seems the idea of the Freedom party has no chance to become reality.

2 Kommentare zu “Lower Austrian Freedom party demands to close the border”

  1. angela

    i agree something needs to be done about criminals being able to move around freely, i live in ireland and the crime rate has got so much higher,

  2. Saskia

    I totally agree with you, Angela! Something has to be done!

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