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Burning of a witch in Upper Austria prevented at the last moment

The organiser of a traditional festival in the south of Upper Austria had the devilish idea to “burn a witch” to spice up his event. At the last moment disgusted citizens and residents were able to prevent such an outrageous spectacle.

The “burning of a witch” during the event was even advertised on placards and posters. 400 years ago many women were killed that way in the name of the church. Those crimes count to one of the darkest chapters in Austrian history. A female author who lives in the region startled the general public and confirmed that such kind of activities have nothing to do with customs, but rather with abuse.

The organiser defends itself that he just used an “unfortunate word choice in his advertisments” and that he had nothing evil in his mind. He also said that “he had no idea that his plan of burning a witch could create such extreme reactions.”

Good or evil. The event is going to be realized without poor witches in blasts. The female author from the region called it a “tremendous ignorance”, just to think about such a plan.

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