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Football betting scandal: Asians allowed to use mobile phones during matches in Austria

Austrias Broadcasting Corporation reports that second league club Gratkorn might be involved in the Europan football betting scandal. Their 1:7 home defeat against Austria Lustenau from the province of Vorarlberg could be manipulated.

It was told that there were extremly high stakes in Asia for a Lustenau victory. Gratkorn coach Michael Fuchs even claims that he has seen some Asian men in the main stand talking with their mobile phones the whole match through. “But of course it’s allowed for people from Asia to use their mobile phones during football matches of Austrias second league”, clarifies the leery coach.

Also the development of the odds for Gratkorn vs Austria Lustenau was a bit strange. First Gratkorn was the clear favourit for the betting provider, but several hours before the match the situation changed completely, and Austria Lustenau was the team which had the lowest odds.

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