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Vorarlberg: no alcohol in local trains

Sunday, the 13th December is going to be the magic day when it’s not allowed anymore to enjoy alcoholic beverages in all local trains of Vorarlberg. Just why Vorarlberg? Because it’s a manageable province, explains a spokesman of the Austrian Federal Railway.

If a person does not respect the new law, the unlucky transgressor will be thrown out of the train. But the guards will do their job with an necessitative instinctive feeling, promises the federal railway. Placards should remind the passengers to avoid a violation.

The main reason for such a regulation is the problem with drunken teenagers who consistently attack passengers.

Ein Kommentar zu “Vorarlberg: no alcohol in local trains”

  1. mouna

    i think this should apply to Vienna also .. many regulations are been met in Vienna so why not this .. first people will find it weird then they will follow the law .. this is better for the safety of passengers and kids

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