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Agricultural politics is no funfair in Austria

The performance of Austrias agricultural minister Niki Berlakovich of the Peoples party during a live show on Austrian TV last Sunday, does not answer the expectations of the Freedom party.

The agricultural spokesman of the Freedom party Harald Jannach discloses in his first reaction that the minister sould know that “agricultural politics is no funfair in Austria.”

The critical Freedom party man explains that the TV show was just a “natty gossip small talk”, but no reputable performance of his colleague.

Harald Jannach is sure to know the political tactics of the agricultural minister. He describes this kind of tactics like: “I am the cute one, and all others are evil.” Jannach is also not excited about the powers of self-assertion of the minister. “He has no concept at all and he thinks he has no responsibility for his scopes”, continues the angry spokesman of the Freedom party.

It seems Harald Jannach of the Freedom party is not a very good friend of Niki Berlakovich from the Peoples party. Both are acting in the same field, but it’s obvious that Mr. Jannach can’t stand his colleague. Maybe he wants to have his ministerial office?

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