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90.000 Euro for car of Jörg Haider in eBay

The eBay auction of the car of Carinthias former minister president Jörg Haider reached a sale price of 90.000 Euro. But there is a problem. The man from Vorarlberg, who crowned the auction with success, said that he don’t want to have this kind of car and declared that he has no 90.000 EUR anyway.

Austrias daily newspaper “Kurier” knows everything about it. Now the vendor, a company with the name “Cavinnash”, is quite angry and disappointed. According to informations of eBay the auction was correct. The account of the man from Vorarlberg was not hacked or manipulated. Now a court has to clarify the case.

2 Kommentare zu “90.000 Euro for car of Jörg Haider in eBay”

  1. sammy

    That fag’s car for 90.000…….i wont buy his car for 90 cents.

  2. Saskia

    Why do you (austrianews) allow comments like the one from “sammy”??? It’s very disrespectful! The man died in a very gruesome way and it’s very macabre to sell his car on ebay and it’s disrespectful to write something like that about him! It’s okay to write something like that about Hitler or whoever does/did something similar but Haider was a decent man!

    You don’t have to publish my comment as long as you delete that damn comment by sammy!

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