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Viennas opposition parties ridicule population

A politican of the Socialdemocrats is not happy about the behaviour of Viennas opposition parties. “They ridicule the population”, was his heavy allegation in relation to the newest idea of the Socialdemocrats of having a referendum for the future of Vienna.

The Socialdemocrat thinks that Viennas politicans of the Peoples party, Greens, and the Freedom party should be ashamed. He also explains that “they showed their true face that they are not interested in the future of Vienna.” The Socialdemocrats have the glorious idea that Viennas population should be more included in the decisions of the future.

The Greens think that such a referendum is just a cheap campaign trick for the next election. A politican of the Freedom party labels the Socialdemocratic idea just as “sarcasm”, and the Peoples party says such a referendum is a tokenism without any plan or concept.

Only the Socialdemocrats have a different view of the project. “We are going to listen to the people of Vienna”, promises the party secretary of Viennas Socialdemocrats Christian Deutsch. “All other parties are not interested in the future of Vienna”, he confirms.

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2 Kommentare zu “Viennas opposition parties ridicule population”

  1. gutenberger

    Die oesterrreicher sind dumm

  2. gutenberger


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