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Altenberg an der Rax: a village wants to have a restaurant

The 300 inhabitants of the small village Altenberg an der Rax are very unlucky and depressed. Since the last restaurant has closed its gates, a communication centre is missing.

Altenberg an der Rax is a true idyll in the Styrian district of M├╝rzzuschlag. But the fact that a restaurant is missing in the centre of the village squeezes the sentimental minds of the inhabitants. The last owner of the restaurant has to quit his activity because of health problems.

Now the village is searching for someone new who is able to manage a restaurant. The mayor is upset and explains that “the whole life of the village is crippled if there is no restaurant.” Also the spokeswoman of the new established task force for a new restaurant declares that the whole infrastructure of the village depends on the existance of a restaurant.

The people of the village promise some extra money and help from the municipality if someone takes heart and opens a restaurant in Altenberg an der Rax.

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