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Journalist demands: “More money for Austrian politicans!”

A journalist from Austrias daily newspaper called “Kurier” demands in todays issue that Austrian politicans should receive more money.

Especiallly mayors are down on their uppers and an urgent matter for a much better payment. The journalist explains that those politicans are very busy.

They have to care about broken sewer covers and are also not allowed to forget about the “performance of high politics”. He also describes the mayors as the “wailing wall for voters.” The payment for such sacrificially work is disaster, thinks the journalist.

The average salary for a mayor in Austria amounts 2.000 Euro. But not only the salary makes the journalist angry. Also the missing severance indemnity, if a mayor is deselected, won’t hit his taste. “They can only dream about rich privileges”, he writes in his article.

Salaries for mayors are quite different from province to province. The mayors with the lowest salaries are living in Styria. In Vorarlberg the mayors can be delighted with the highest salaries of Austria. Vorarlbergs mayors are also happy about a bonus payment for every single tourist. Sometimes a very hard working mayor is able to double his salary that way. “In Vorarlberg it’s really worth to be a mayor”, closes the critical journalist his article.

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