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Braunau: discussions about Adolf Hitlers birth house

Currently a passionate discussion is going on in the Upper Austrian border town Braunau, which is also known as the birthplace of Adolf Hitler. The reason can be found in the lodger of Hitlers birth house. He is going to move out next year, and there will be an empty building.

Now the mayor, who is a member of the Socialdemocrats, thinks what to do with the house. His biggest wish would be to buy the whole building from the private owner, but the cash boxes of the town are empty. There would a concrete concept for the house in the drawer of the mayor. Now the Socialdemocratic politican hopes for some financial support from the provincial government and the federal government.

Medias report about a social project which should move in. Also an historical workup is possible if a proper funding is secured. The historical workup should include Hitlers time in Braunau or the liberation of Braunau by American soldiers. But the birth house of Adolf Hitler shouldn’t be turned into a museum. “This is a taboo”, explains the mayor.

The town on the border to Germany already has a problem with a shop which sells clothes with politically incorrect messages and symbols. There might be the apprehension that there could be another shop of this kind in the historical burdened building, if a private investor is going to buy it.

Ein Kommentar zu “Braunau: discussions about Adolf Hitlers birth house”

  1. Saskia

    They should burn that house! No one needs it anymore.

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