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Football club “GAK” in financial trouble again

“Everything has an end, only the GAK has more”, was one of the entries in the message board on the website of Austrias Broadcasting Corporation about the financial problems of the GAK.

It was only one year ago when the club made the impossible and secured its continued existence after two bankruptcies. One year later the story repeats itself. Again much more money was spent as received. A dire philosophy which usually ends in a disaster sooner or later. The football players wants to have their salaries. If the club won’t pay, the players are allowed to leave the club without a transfer fee.

Now the president of the football club wants the members and fans to pay the missing sums of money. 110.000 Euro are payable only for the salaries. “I have received many positive reactions”, he claimed. The president also said that “he is a functionary and functionaries are always optimistic.”

The Styrian club from Graz already made negative headlines with two bankruptcies in one year. One in spring 2007, and the next one in autumn 2007. In the following year the club was able to secure its continued existence. In 2009 the same problems are here again. It’s all about the money.

GAK is known to be one of Austrias most traditional football clubs. The club exists since 1902 and won the championship in 2004. At the moment the crisis-ridden “Reds” from Styrias capital Graz play in the 3rd League (Regionalliga Mitte).

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