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Angry Halloween fans in Villach

Maybe it was Villachs prohibition of Halloween in kindergartens which was the reason of the indescribable anger and frustration of some Halloween fans in Carinthias second biggest town of Villach. During Halloween night several houses were damaged by these rude creatures. Villach was one of the places in Austria with Halloween hostile laws.

Also some house fronts were defiled with raw eggs. Experts say that throwing raw eggs on houses is a holy ritual duty for every faithful Halloween believer. The property damage is sizeable. Villachs police was completely unprepared for the outbreak of the Halloween violence. No one of the raging and damaging Halloween fans was caught. In Lower Austria Halloween fans even attacked revellers with kitchen knifes and captured their mobile phones and wallets. The criminal energy of Halloween is tremendous.

Ein Kommentar zu “Angry Halloween fans in Villach”

  1. herta nye

    are those so called halloween attackers actuel austrians? if so i am aschamed to be a native austrian

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