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English asphalt workers cause trouble in Upper Austria

A flight from London to Upper Austrias capital Linz is cheap. Sometimes a ticket is available for just 10 Euro. Maybe this is the reason for an uninvited asphalt workers invasion from the United Kingdom.

Medias report about English asphalt crooks in Upper Austria. Those guys asphalt over private gravel paths, and later demand several thousands Euros for that job. Although nobody of the owners was asked before and interested in an asphalted path.

Yesterday the police was able to catch the first six crooks from England. The casualty figures might be huge. Most of the time the intimidated victims paid the desired price. Especially the regions around Upper Austrias second biggest town of Wels, as well as the region around Grieskirchen and Urfahr, the north of Upper Austrias provincial capital were affected.

Not only that those asphalt works were done without any order, also the quality of the work is very inferior, reports Austrias Broadcasting Corporation. As the Englishmen talk a very strong accent, the police was not able to understand their oral pleadings. The puzzled policemen had to call an interpreter who could understand strong English accents.

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  1. danny

    where do you guys translate your english? its absolutely awful. Find a translator.

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