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Halloween prohibition in Villach

The social department of Carinthias second biggest town Villach decided to proclaim a Halloween prohibition in all municipal kindergartens. A spokesman explained the decision that children should receive some positive vibration instead of negative ones.

Villach has twelve municipal kindergartens and six after school care centres with more than 1.600 children. The social city council who decided the prohobition is a member of the Socialdemocrats. The managers of the kindergartens and after school care centres had no counter-arguments against the new law and accepted the decision without complaints.

Not even one single parental was complaining. It seems Halloween has a very low approval in Austria. The foreign celebration is only media-hyped.

Carinthias municipal kindergartens prefer to celebrate more traditional parties like thanksgiving or martinmas instead of Halloween. “Especially Saint Martin has a very positive meaning because this guy shared with the poorest people”, explains Villachs Socialdemocratic city council. The politican prefers to adopt celebrations from Carinthias neighbour countries Italy or Slovenia first instead of something strange from the USA, if there should be new things to celebrate.

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