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One of Austrias biggest civil trials

Yesterday one of Austrias biggest civil trials started in Vienna. The association of consumers information blames a financial service provider that investors received the wrong consulting.

The association of consumers acts for more than 2.500 investors who lost more than 30 million Euro. Medias report that the accused financial service provider sold shares and claimed that those are “secure like a bank book”. Those persons who believed such quirky promises had usually no experience with assessments.

Those shares who should be “secure like a savings bank book” lost all of its value. Last year the value crashed down to almost zero. The financial service provider claims that such promises were never made. The consultants of the company told about the risks of the dealings. If the association of consumers information is going to win the trial, all 2.500 investors will receive between 70 and 80 percent of their lost money.

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