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Austrian bishop: punishment or help for pregnant women?

According to an article in Austrias magazine called “Profil” a bishop from Austria demands an appropriate punishment for women who decide to have an abortion. But the bishop denies such sentence. Now he claims he just demands “help” for pregnant women.

The bishop explains that the magazine just gave a “distorting rendition” of his opinion. He tells that he was talking about “lenity” for women who had an abortion. “The church wants to protect the children who are not able to defend themselfes. The church also wants to protect mothers from the pressure of other persons who wants them to have an abortion”, he says.

The bishop claims his most important concern is the help for pregnant womem in misery. He is quite angry about the news magazine for such a publication. “Betrayal of confidence”, was the expression he used in this case. The bishop thinks that such kind of journalism is sensational and worthless.

A famous religious website published an interview with the bishop as well. In that interview he also said that “abortion is a crime”. But there was no direct desire for a punishment indeed. The bishop always confirmed the help for pregnant women who are thinking to have an abortion. He only wants a punishment for irresponsibility and profiteering with human lifes. So here we have the punishment saying. Maybe the truth is somewhere in the middle? In fact it’s possible to read a lot into the the demand “punishment for irresponsibility”.

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