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Wels: Mayor from Freedom party possible

Austrias 8th biggest and Upper Austrias second biggest town Wels hits the headlines these days. A mayor runoff election on Sunday raises the tempers. For the first time in history a candidate of the Freedom party could become a mayor in a bigger town.

His opponent is the current mayor Peter Koits from the Socialdemocrats. As long as anyone can remember this town is ruled by Socialdemocrats, but massive losses of the Socialdemocrats, and massive winnings of the Freedom party in the last election, created a new initial situation for the trade fair city.

That’s why the nerves are stretched in Wels. One day before election angry citizens call for a demonstration against the new rival of the Socialdemocrats, althought both candidates do not show themselfes combative. The slogan of the protesters: “No right wing mayor for Wels!”

The Greens already told whom to vote. Chairman Michael Springer of the Green fraction: “Go and vote for the Socialdemocrats!” The Peoples party is not interested to give recommendations. They stay silent.

The prime candidate of the Freedom Party explained that the election in Wels is a signal for the next election in Vienna. His party leader HC Strache wants to become the mayor there, and also seems to have good chances to tease the current mayor of the Socialdemocrats.

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