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Muslim girls and women with problems in Austria

Austrias Broadcasting Corporation reports that girls and women with a religious preference to the Islam have massive problems in Austria. Few days ago a muslim schoolgirl was attacked by two schoolmates, which tried to set her on fire with a lighter.

Now Muslim associations in Austria claim that such kind of encroachments are no individual cases. Muslim women have to suffer sneer and discriminations day in, day out. Roswitha Al Hussein is the spokeswoman of the female Muslim club called “SOMM”. She said that the case of the Muslim schoolgirl in Styria is extraordinary savage, but also psychological violations, which Muslim women in Austria has to accept day by day, are also quite bad.

“Teachers think that such things are just a dalliance but it’s bullying”, said Mrs Al Hussein. The spokeswoman claims that there is not enough support for Muslim schoogirls from teachers. “Sometimes nasty boys pull on the headscarfs of the girls, and tell them that they should remove it”, said Al Hussein.

Especially in times of election campaigns the situation is becoming worser. People think that it’s socially acceptable to criticize Muslims in public, explains Roswitha Al Hussein. She hopes that there is more support for Muslims in the future.

The two girls who wanted to set their Muslim classmate on fire were sent off from school. They did not wanted to apologize for their offence.

4 Kommentare zu “Muslim girls and women with problems in Austria”

  1. Herta KLima

    warum schicken sie nicht einige oesterreicher nach Teheran, Iran ohne Kopfbedeckung und sehen was los ist. Thank you Herta .

  2. nmibal

    i am a muslim .. i have seen a bit of anger and discrimination towards us for the way we are !! … but when it reaches this stage then the problem is with the background and feedback of these two girls which depend on first bases at the teachers then the parents at the end it is a politics , democracy and respect which unfortunately stops always on Muslims doors

  3. mouna

    in a civilized country like Austria these like acts is a shame to its people and government ..wearing a scarf is part of Islamic religious instructions that all Muslim women obey ..that should be respected the same way Muslims respect Jewish outfits and Christian Nuns and priests outfits .. but we always see violent acts and discrimination towards Muslim women mainly as happened in Germany ..but not the other way ! we never heard of a violated person by Muslim for simply being a christian or Jewish especially in childhood

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