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Upper Austrias exporters happy about result of election in Germany

Germany is the biggest market for Upper Austrias 6.650 exporters. That’s why the relief was quite huge that the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and the Free Democratic Party (FDP) are running Germanies next government.

One of the exporters said to Austrias financial newspaper “Wirtschaftsblatt”: “We were really concerned that a red-red-green government would come to power in Germany.” Such opinion is not something unusual among Upper Austrias exporters. A lot of entrepreneurs have the same opinion.

The boss of a special machines manufacturer company explains: “Nobody knows which ideas would occur in a coaltion between Socialdemocrats, Communists, and the Greens.” 50 percent of the companies business is done with Germany. The fear that the Germans would vote for such kind of government was big. Now he is happy about the fact that his worst nightmare did not come true. The boss of the special machines manufacturer company now even expects an increase in the sales to Germany.

Another boss of an Upper Austria company utters her satisfaction about the election result in Germany. The female entrepreneur of a metal construction company explains that she believes such kind of government has the right course to get out of the crisis.

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