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17-year-old teenager murdered 63-year-old pensioner just for fun

Simply bad mood was the reason for a murder in Vienna. A 17-year-old teenager had a dispute with his mother during a party.

To give vent to his anger, he went out of the flat and kicked a noninvolved pensioner from behind down the staircase.

The pensioner had no chance, tumbled downstairs, and stayed lying in pool of blood on the floor. The young man did not care about his victim and went back to the party.

The murder victim was found the next day by his neighbours. They called the police which was able to find the teenagers still partying in the flat. The teenagers were brought to the next police station and questioned. After a little while the 17-year-old confessed his act. He just murdered the old man just for fun. Only because he had a bad mood. Now he is sitting in detention awaiting trial.

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