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State election in Upper Austria

The state election in Upper Austria is over. Once again the results for the Socialdemocrats were a disaster. Their nose dive continues.

Socialdemocrats lost 13,38 percent and went down to 24,95 percent of the votes. Election winner was the Peoples Party. They received 46,75 percent. Even 3,33 percent more as in 2003. Massive winnings also for the Freedom Party. They went by 6,89 percent up to 15,29 percent.

The Greens were able to keep their result from their last election. The Orange ones called “BZÖ” missed their entry into Upper Austrias state pariament with 2,83 percent.

Peoples Party leader Josef Pühringer said that it’s not sure if he is going to do a coalition again. “We don’t have to”, he confirmed. The massive loss of the Socialdemocrats were written on the face of their prime candidate Erich Haider. He promised to propose a vote of confidence in his party.

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