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Provocation for Celtic Glasgow: Rapid Vienna wants to play in red

12th December 1984 in Manchester: Rapid Vienna wins the controversial replay against Celtic Glasgow in red shirts, shorts, and socks 1:0. The match before in Glasgow had to be repeated because the Rapid Vienna player Rudi Weinhofer was hit by a whiskey bottle which was thrown from the terrace.

The 1:0 victory in Manchester was probably the only time in club history when Rapid played in red. Next week against Celtic Rapid wants to do it again. According to an article in the British Daily Mirror, Celtic seems to be not happy about such a decision and talks about provocation.

Still the Green and whites from Glasgow believe that Rapid was cheating in 1984 to receive a third match. The anger was always there, and now Rapid Vienna in red again? Too much for some Celtics. Someone was also talking about a “security problem” if Rapid really plays in red.

The man who scored the important 1:0 in 1984 is the Rapid coach today: Peter Pacult. Rapid goalkeeper Helge Payer explains that Celtic Glasgow and Rapid Vienna in red raises nice memories for Rapid supporters. “When they did it in 1984, we can do it again”, he confirmed.

The match against Celtic in 1984 was the round of the last sixteen in the European Cup. Later Rapid also threw Dresden and Moscow out of the competition, and lost the Final in Rotterdam against Everton with 1:3.

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