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Drunken policeman: 8 glasses of wine in several minutes on duty

Austrias daily newspaper “Heute” reports about a totally drunken policeman on duty in Vienna. According to the newspaper, the man was one of the postmen who turned to a policeman some weeks ago.

At the beginning his colleagues even tried to accept his dubious condition, but when he continued drinking on duty, they decided to send him home. The new policeman asked if it’s allowed to go outside and gasp for breath. In fact he went to the next pub and enjoyed 8 additional glasses of wine in serveral minutes.

Now the man was removed from the police and works as a postman again. Austrias Interior minister Maria Fekter (Peoples Party) said that it’s a shame what happened, but comfirmed that the man was inside his qualifying period anyway. “Nothing happened, and we are going to continue our project making postmen to policemen.”

The chairman of the postmens staff council said to medias that it’s not so pleasant if it seems there are thousands of postmen in Austria who drink a bit too much during work. He confirmed that he is not going to accept one single drunken postman. “We have crystal clear rules”, he said.

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