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No motivation to work: 166 fledgling teachers stayed at home

The start of school in Lower Austria was a bad surprise for many schools. In spite of signed applications, many fledgling teachers prefered to stay at home instead of giving their first lessons. Lower Austrias schools inspector Hermann Helm is upset and mad with anger.

Some of the 166 fledgling teachers told their decision of not going to work only several hours before the official start of the first lesson. 50 percent of them explained the decision with a “too long distance to their school”. Schools inspector Helm raging: “The average distance was 50 km. It seems those people are quite inflexible.”

The schools inspector promised serious consequences for those who are not motivated to go to work. “They just declined their employments out of sheer fun. I am not going to accept this”, he said.

The federal chairman of the compulsory school teachers of Lower Austria tries to calm down the emotions. He said that “we have to take a closer look on the denials.” Chairman Helmut Ertl: “I am sure the reasons for the denials are diverse. But I am quite shocked that many young people refuse good jobs in times of the economic crisis.” Ertl agress with the schools inspector that there must be “some consequences” for the concerned persons.

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