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Mysterious: 15 dead people every year in East Tyrolian Alps

Austrias Broadcasting Corporation “ORF” reports about a creepy series of dead people in the Alps of East Tirol. Every year 15 holidaymakers and hikers die during their leisure activities. Only during the past 2 weeks 7 persons had an accident in the dangerous mountains and died.

Some of the victims were killed by falling rocks, knows the director of the Alpine police in East Tirol. But most of the lethal incidents are a mystery, he confirms. The most dangerous mountain in this area is the “Prägraten am Grossvenediger” with a height of 1.312 metres. This mountain has most of the victims. Especially this year.

In spite of the sad news, the tourism in East Tirol is becoming more and more popular. The action force only hope that the creepy series is going to end soon.

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