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Huge success for brothels and prostitutes in Carinthia

Austrias Broadcasting Corporation “ORF” reports about a huge success for brothels and prostitutes in Carinthia. At the moment 30 brothels with 350 legal and another expected 350 illegal prostitutes contest for customers in Austrias most southern province.

And the boom does not seem to stop. More brothels are already in process of planning. This week a new brothel is going to open in Carinthias provincial capital of Klagenfurt.

Carinthias watchdogs of public morals are desperate. The responsible persons have no problem to allow all these controversial destinations of pleasure. The autorities defend themselfes. “We can’t do anything against it. Only if there is a kindergarten, a church, or something similar close to the brothel we are allowed to refuse the application of the operator”, explains a spokesman.

The law makes the rules, and as the business with love is increasing and increasing, more and more “temples of pleasure” are going to pop up in Carinthia.

Many of the Carinthian brothels offer their service during the day until 10:00pm. The police promise to keep the overview in spite of constantly increasing establishments. “We have a lot of policemen who are specialized on brothels and prostitutes”, said Gottlied Türk from Carinthias police commando.

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