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Austrias richest and poorest places

The richest provinces of Austria are Vienna and Vorarlberg. A new survey revealed that the people of those two federal states have a lot of money in their pockets compared to people from other provinces of Austria.

Austrias poorest provinces are the Burgenland in the east, East Tirol and Carinthia in the south. The survery locates “huge regional differences” in the purchasing power of the Austrians. The most poorest region of Austria is the south of the Burgenland. Also the east of Styria which adjoins the south of the Burgenland, and many places of Carinthia, as well as East Tirol are labeled as “quite poor”.

The richest place of Austria is the city centre of Vienna. One average person has annually 36.140 Euro at hand. Austrias second richest place is the Lower Austrian village of Giesshübel. The average income in one year totals 25.630 Euro, on the third place comes another Lower Austrian village, Brunn am Gebirge with 25.560, Perchtoldsdorf, another Lower Austrian location is fourth with 25.520, and on the fifth place comes Lech am Arlberg (Vorarlberg) with 24.700 Euro.

The winter tourism is an “absolute prosperity turbo” for small mountain villages in Tirol and Vorarlberg, confirms a spokesman of RegioData. Without tourism the averge annual income would be less than the half. 12 percent of the Austrians are at risk of poverty. This value is stabilized. Not even the economic crisis was able to change that.

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