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Monetary penalty for a smelly fart in Styria

A 20-year-old man from Styria had to pay a monetary penalty of 50 Euro because he was not able to suppress a smelly fart next to a police man. The smelly fart is a violation against the federal security law in Styria.

Austrian medias make a scandal out of this incident. Almost all important newspapers brought an exclusive story about it yesterday. The fart of serious consequence already happened at the end of July during a folk music festival in the Styrian town of Frohnleiten. A bit delayed the story found its way through the medias to the public.

The version of the official act confirms that “a fart threatens the public safety in Styria”. This is the second paragraph of the Styrian security law.

After the incident found its way to the news, many lawyers raised their voices and declared that they want to to go to court with the young man and fight against the monetary penalty. But the 20-year-old offender declined. He confirmed that he only want to have his peace. It was okay for him to pay the monetary penalty of 50 Euro.

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