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Election campaign start of Upper Austrias Socialdemocrats

“Upswing”, was the magic word of Upper Austrias Socialdemocrats for the official start of their election campaign. More than 5.000 fans, supporters and members of the Socialdemocratic party came to the sports hall of Linz and celebrated their favourite politicans.

The provincial party leader Erich Haider confirmed that he wants to be the minister president of Upper Austria. Thunderous applause was the answer of the enthusiastic crowd. Haider continued to heat up his audience and claimed that “the Peoples party is only a party of the money and the banks.” “We are the party for the humans and their working places”, he said.

Werner Faymann, the federal chairman of the Socialdemocrats, was also one of the attractions. He delivered a very emotional speech against the Freedom party. “There is no chance of a cooperation between our party and the Freedom party”, he said and promised that he is going to stay “watchful” towards politicans who are labeled as “extreme right wing” and try to agitate human groups against eachother.

Another election campaign issues were the “sale of water” and the improvment of claims of retirement for hard workers. Haider said that it’s time for a Socialdemocratic provincial government in Upper Austria. The presenter of the political show was the comedian and pop artist Klaus Eberhartinger.

The dry reaction of the biggest political competitor: “Not everything is true what they say.”

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