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Pyramid scheme in Austria: 2 million Euro gains

A pyramid scheme in Austrias federal state of Styria, especially in the area around the town of Voitsberg, is going on since several years. The police claims that the harm of the illegal business model already reaches the total of more than 2 million Euro.

At the moment the police was able to trace 13 suspects. The pyramid scheme already runs since 2006. 160 victims were ascertained so far. The operators of the illegal business model promised them 40.000 Euro in two years, if they pay 5.000 Euro to them.

None of the participants who paid 5.000 Euro received the promised gain of 40.000 Euro. Not even the 5.000 Euro were refunded. This was reason enough to contact the police.

Many house searches followed. The police had to complete very expensive determinations. Now the first results were presented to the public. It’s quite possible that the amount of loss exceeds the sum of 2 million Euro considerably.

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