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Slovenia demands Slovenian town signs in the south of Austria

Town signs with the German and the Slovenian name of the place in Austrias most southern province Carinthia, demands the Slovenian minister president Borut Pahor during a meeting with Austrias chancellor Werner Faymann. Faymann told Pahor that it’s not possible to solve the wish only by law.

The Austrian chancellor confirmed that it also needs the agreement of the parties in the Carinthian state parliament. Famously the ruling party in Carinthia, the orange “BZÖ”, is no friend of Slovenian town signs in its province. That’s why the meeting between Pahor and Faymann was not able to change the situation.

Austrias Broadcasting Corporation “ORF” reports that Slovenia feels as legal successor of Yugoslavia. As Yugoslavia was a signatory power of the Austrian treaty, Slovenia is the protecting power of the Slovenian minority in Austria today.

Pahor claims that Austria has, according to international law, the obligation to erect Slovenian town signs. “This is no internal matter of Austria”, he continued. “Austria must fulfil its duty”, said the Slovenian minister president.

Faymann tried to calm the emotions down, and said that the fronts are not such hard as it seems and the readiness to talk is very high. The Austrian chancellor promised to find a proper solution for all sides. The Austrian treaty was signed on the 15th May 1955.

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