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Only 14 percent of Austrians trust the church

A new survey revealed that Austrians have no trust in the church and the government anymore. The most trust for the average Austrian these days can be found in his own family.

In economical difficult times Austrians don’t expect help from the church or the government. Even one out of four Austrians confirm that he is very anxious and frightened. 90 percent only trust themselfes and the family. 74 percent friends and acquaintances.

The confidence in national and private institutions is comparatively small. 27 percent trust charitable institutions, 24 percent banks, 23 percent the government and the institution with the smallest trust in Austria is the church with only 14 percent.

2 Kommentare zu “Only 14 percent of Austrians trust the church”

  1. Larry Harp

    What is the primary cause for the distrust in government institutions in Austria?

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    Larry Harp,
    You have asked a good question! I’m curious about this too

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