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Advertising for discotheque with cruelty to women

An advertising poster for a discotheque in the Upper Austrian village of Unterweitersdorf causes an enormous sensation in the region. There is a tortured back of a woman imaged on the poster. Local politicans of the Socialdemocrats and the Greens see a “shocking villainy” in such a way of advertising.

The message under the tortured back of the woman reads as follows: “We are going to strike again”. For the Green party this poster is a crystal clear case of violence and sexism against women. The women spokeswoman of the Greens reminds that every fourth woman in Austria is concerned by violence.

Also the women spokeswoman of the Socialdemocrats is not happy about such kind of advertising. “The poster is pornographic and sexist. It should not be seen the public area”, she said.

The operator of the discotheque tries to calm down the emotions. “We have nothing to do with anti-women feelings or glorifying violence. We just wanted to be funny”, he told medias. A statement without any understanding by the Greens. They have now reported the case to the Austrian advertising councilor.

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