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Green party wants city toll for whole Vienna

Members of the Green party have a problem with the car traffic in Vienna. Now they demand that the whole area of Vienna should become billable for all car drivers. The charge should be taken in 62 city entries electronically.

Such a claim before elections? Malicious tongues argue that the Greens do everything possible to lose votes. It seems a demand of a city toll for the whole area of Vienna is not a topic to win elections.

The charge should amount 2 Euro from 6:30am to 8:30am and 4:00pm to 6:00pm. During the night it should be for free, and one single Euro the rest of the day.

Viennas city centre should stay completely free from cars. Even the famous Ringstrasse has to stay car-free. A massive improvment of public means of transport should convince car owners to leave their cars at home.

The ruling Socialdemocrats of Vienna are not so exicted about such an idea. Viennas Socialdemocratic local council Karl Heinz Hora confirmed that he is not interested to make Vienna car-free. Now it’s up to the voters to fight against cars in Vienna or not.

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